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Welcome to the homepage of the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

By unifying excellence in research, authenticity in science, and a commitment to society, the institute network of the Academy is set to produce values for both national and international success in Hungarian and universal science. Building on our national research traditions, being part of the only full-time research institute network in Hungary , our primary aim is to play a fundamental role in promoting the common weal and in building the foundation for our future through valuable scientific achievements based on highly promising discovery research.The basic activity of the Research Centre incorporating the Konkoly Thege Miklós Astronomical Research Institute, the Geographical Institute, the Geodetic and Geophysical Institute, the Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research, is scientific research in the fields of astronomy and earth sciences (geography, geology, geochemistry, geodesy and geophysics), the operation of the National Seismological Network, exploratory (basic) research and the preparation of its findings for utilisation and publication; theoretical examinations for basic research, measurements at observatory, field and laboratory level, development of scientific instruments and methods, processing and publication of data, maintenance of observatories and, if need be, the establishment of new ones.

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Pénzügyi Állás CSFK

  • 2019/08/29

Csillagászati és Földtudományi Kutatóközpont álláspályázatot hirdet pénzügyi területen.

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